This Blog is some media for study. Everything in this Blog is about my japanesse lessons on my college. This blog helped writer to remember about a lot of japanesse lesson. Not only just writing and published to the other people but also writer study again, again and again. Some information taken from related book, wikipedia, and the other media information and I’m edited some information become more simple before publish it in my blog, ofcourse you can ask writer from where the information taken. Why writer must study and write in this Blog?? Writer just want to sharing with the other people about how a wonderful japanesse culture. Writer loves japan very much. And will be bored if we always study on the book. Writer looking for something new and something fun to study. And the choice is a BLOG. Let’s study together.

Let me introduce myself as a writer on this blog. TYou can call me cie. I’m a University student on Japanese Literature Faculty. Of course Japanese Literature is my major… 😀

よろしく おねがいします。。。 ^^v

Find me on:

Facebook : Asri R. Freeandzz

Twitter      : Freeandzz


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